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Vision Titanium Solo Violin

The Vision Titanium Solo set VIT100 offers a brilliant soloistic power with a direct response at high bow pressure. Its unique balance of brilliant top strings and deep, powerful lower strings helps to expand the tonal range of a violin.


VIT100 SET, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Tension 22.98kg/50.66lb


VIT01 Single E-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Stainless steel, Titanium-design / Mo, Tension 8.00kg/17.64lb


VIT02 Single A-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Aluminum, Tension 5.50kg/12.13lb


VIT03 Single D-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Silver, Tension 4.78kg/10.54lb


VIT04 Single G-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Silver, Tension 4.70kg/10.36lb


Set details

Vision Titanium Solo strings are loved by experienced players for their brilliant and centered sound with a direct response. Applying a stronger bow pressure reveals and modulates their strong brilliant contour, opening them to a wide range of colors. Their fine metallic edge enables soloists to be distinguished from others in a big hall. The string design provides an exceptional tuning stability needed for challenging concert conditions. Vision Titanium Solo strings deliver a direct bow response with a vibrant and sparkling feeling due to the rich overtone spectrum in their sound. These strings shape an instrument’s trebles towards a brighter, more centered character. Although the lower strings offer a broad character with a deep sound foundation, the soloistic power makes this set a recommended choice for dark, dull or hollow sounding instruments. Other than an all-round set, the VIT100 offers a perfect balance on violins that benefit from the strong top strings with wide and deep lower strings.

Single string details

The set VIT100 includes the strings VIT01, VIT02, VIT03, VIT03.

The E-string VIT01 has a direct bow response and brilliant sound character. It is corrosion resistant and offers a wide range of sound colors.

The A-string VIT02 has a very direct and brilliant sound character. It is one of the most brilliant strings in our product portfolio. This string resists high bow pressure well.

The D-string VIT03 is focused and warm with a metallic sparkle. Its sound is compact and blends very well with the accompanying G-string VIT04. This D-string offers a great resistance to bow pressure.

The G-string VIT04 combines a broad and warm with a direct and compact sound character. This string offers a wide dynamic range for strong soloistic power and responds well at high bow pressure. If wolf tones are an issue, one should check if the violin would benefit from this specific sound character.

Mix and match

The Vision Titanium Solo A-string VIT02 is one of the most direct and brilliant strings in the Thomastik-Infeld string portfolio. When a violin’s A-string needs an extra brilliant edge and direct response you will find it to be a wonderful solution.

Technical details

Vision Titanium Solo Violin 4/4
NR Tension Core material Outer material TAILPIECE END KG LB PEG END
VIT01 e2 mi2 I Medium Stainless steel Titanium-design / Mo
Aluminum Removable ball end
8.00 17.64
VIT02 a1 la1 II Medium Synthetic Core Aluminum
Aluminum Ball end
5.50 12.13
VIT03 d1 re1 III Medium Synthetic Core Silver
Aluminum Ball end
4.78 10.54
VIT04 g sol IV Medium Synthetic Core Silver
Aluminum Ball end
4.70 10.36
SET NR. Included in set Tension KG LB
VIT100 VIT01, VIT02, VIT03, VIT04 Medium 22.98 50.66


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