Rondo Violin

Professional players choose the Rondo set RO100 for its exceptionally deep tonal intensity. Its fast bow response supports a direct character at any dynamic level, while its strong focus makes it sound compact and projective.


RO100 SET, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Tension 23.50kg/51.81lb


RO01 Single E-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Carbon Steel, Tin, Tension 8.20kg/18.08lb


RO02 Single A-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Aluminum, Tension 5.67kg/12.50lb


RO03A Single D-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Silver, Tension 4.77kg/10.52lb


RO04 Single G-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale
Synthetic Core, Silver, Tension 4.75kg/10.47lb


Set details

The RONDO set RO100 is appreciated by professional musicians and soloists for its unique tonal intensity and vast dynamic range with a reliable response. These strings tonally enrich old and modern instruments with an intense depth, brilliant contour and sweetness – sound qualities mostly associated with old Italian instruments. Another particular essence of the RO100 set is its impressive and strong focus that adds an inner tonal density to its focal point of sound. The set’s immediate bow response further supports this focus on all dynamic levels at various bowing speeds, bow pressures and contact points. The Rondo set RO100 combines all these attributes to a deep singing sound quality with a beautifully refined and mature vocal character. This leads to a powerful presence, giving the player confidence when projection and volume need to be delivered with ease.

Single string details

The set RO100 includes the strings RO01, RO02, RO03A, RO04.

NO. RO01 | TIN
The E-string RO01 is a tin-plated string with a very sweet presence and good balance of brilliance and warmth. In combination with either A-strings RO02 or RO02A, this E-string acquires part of their character: leaning towards more warmth (with RO02) or more brilliance (with RO02A). The string has a good modulation ability.

The A-string RO02 is a fast-responding string with a beautiful range of colors that allows the player to shape the sound character of the entire set RO100. The aluminum-wound string RO02 has an excellent bow response without compromising the modulation of focus and tonal colors. If corrosion is an issue, the RO02 is a good choice.

In addition to the set RO100, the Rondo product line offers an alternative A-string RO02A for players who traditionally prefer steel core A-strings. This chrome-wound steel string is extremely corrosion resistant and offers exceptional tuning stability (a fine-tuner is recommended). Compared to RO02 (included in the set RO100), this alternative option provides a high capacity for bow pressure with reduced warmth. This string’s compact character supports a fast and direct response with a brilliant contour. RO02A also delights with a velvety tone that modulates the set towards a silky and beautiful timbre.

The D-string RO03A is a clear and direct sounding string with a good response. As a leading string it brings a more vocal character, sound colors and clarity to the entire set RO100.

The G-string RO04 is a very powerful and rich-sounding string with good projection and a deep intensity. The character of the string is direct with a fast response.

Mix and match

Technical details

Rondo Violin 4/4
NR Tension Core material Outer material TAILPIECE END KG LB PEG END
RO01 e2 mi2 I Medium Carbon Steel Tin
Aluminum Removable ball end
8.20 18.08
RO02 a1 la1 II Medium Synthetic Core Aluminum
Aluminum Ball end
5.67 12.50
RO03A d1 re1 III Medium Synthetic Core Silver
Aluminum Ball end
4.77 10.52
RO04 g sol IV Medium Synthetic Core Silver
Aluminum Ball end
4.75 10.47
SET NR. Included in set Tension KG LB
RO100 RO01, RO02, RO03A, RO04 Medium 23.50 51.81


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