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Infeld Red Violin

Infeld Red & Infeld Blue violin strings offer two distinctive variations of sound colors. Infeld Red stands for a warmer and broader sound while Infeld Blue represents a more focused and brilliant sound.


IR100 SET, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Synthetic Core, Tension 22.8kg/50.26lb


IR01 Single E-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Stainless Steel, Gold, Tension 8kg/17.64lb


IR02 Single A-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Synthetic Core, Hydronalium, Tension 5.5kg/12.13lb


IR03 Single D-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Synthetic Core, Hydronalium, Tension 4.6kg/10.14lb


IR04 Single G-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Synthetic Core, Silver, Tension 4.7kg/10.36lb


Set details

Infeld Red violin strings offer a perfect balance at a low-tension level similar to Dominant violin strings. With their honest and natural tonal character and due to resonating overtones, they project the real sound character of the instrument. Infeld Red violin strings delight with a warm and broad sound with a more modest and pleasing character. Due to the composite core, these strings feel soft under the left hand and offer a long life span.

Single string details

Single E-String
Single A-String
Single G-String
Single D-String

Mix and match

To optimize the sound of an instrument on a very fine level, we recommend a combination of Infeld Blue E-string IB01 and A-string IB02 with Infeld Red D-string IR03 and G-string IR04. This leads the set to a more open and brilliant sound on the upper strings and warm and broad sound on the lower ones.

Technical details

Infeld Red Violin 4/4
NO. Tension Core material Outer material TAILPIECE END KG LB PEG END
IR01 e2 mi2 I medium Stainless Steel Gold
Nickel Removable ball end
8 17.64
IR02 a1 la1 II medium Synthetic Core Hydronalium
Brass Ball End
5.5 12.13
IR03 d1 re1 III medium Synthetic Core Hydronalium
Copper Ball End
4.6 10.14
IR04 g sol IV medium Synthetic Core Silver
Nickel Ball End
4.7 10.36
SET NR. Included in set Tension KG LB
IR100 IR01, IR02, IR03, IR04 medium 22.8 50.26


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