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Versum Solo Violoncello

The Versum Solo cello set VES400 is loved by professionals for its tonal versatility and powerful projection. The wide spectrum of sound colors can be shaped with lively dynamics.


VES400 SET, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Tension 60.5kg/133.3lb


VES4142 Twin set A+D, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Tension 32.5kg/71.6lb


VES4344 Twin set G+C, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Tension 28kg/61.73lb


VES41 Single A-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Carbon Steel, Multialloy, Tension 18.2kg/40.12lb


VES42 Single D-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Carbon Steel, Multialloy, Tension 14.3kg/31.53lb


VES43 Single G-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Spiralcore, Tungsten/Chrome, Tension 14.3kg/31.53lb


VES44 Single C-String, Medium Tension, 4/4 Scale

In Stock

Spiralcore, Tungsten/Chrome, Tension 13.7kg/30.2lb


Set details

Originating from a new cello string concept, the set VERSUM SOLO VES400 enriches a player’s personal sound with its unique flexibility in projecting tone colors. The set’s radiant sound structure, focus and timbre can be modulated with the greatest possible flexibility. These strings provide outstanding results in every musical genre as their response to bow pressure and bowing speed at various contact points is unsurpassed in all registers. The strings vibrate freely and remarkably enhance a cellos resonance. With its sparkling brilliance and lively dynamics, the whole set lets the sound of the instrument bloom and breathe – reflecting the brand name „VER SUM“ – „I am spring“. The powerful body together with the sparkling brilliance makes Versum Solo the first choice for soloists and professional musicians. All twin sets are part of our modular cello string selection, offering the cellist an easy-to-use tool for optimizing their instrument’s sound. The twin set VES4142 is an ideal choice for soloists and professional musicians looking for an easy-to-modulate rich-sounding string that offers both sparkling brilliance and a powerful body. These strings vibrate freely and remarkably enhance a cellos resonance, letting their full sound bloom and breathe. The defining element of this twin set is the easy modulation of its sound structure, focus and specific timbre, creating the widest range of tonal colors. The Twin Set VES4344 features a particularly full, rich and warm sound. With its great ability to shape its sound structure, distinct focus and specific timbre, this Twin Set is recommended for all instruments that require more volume, tonal colors and complexity on the lower strings. In all registers these strings offer an unsurpassed response to bow pressure and bowing speed at various contact points. The strings included in VES4344 vibrate freely and enhance a cello’s resonance, providing the greatest possible flexibility for outstanding results in every musical genre.

Single string details

Twin set G+C
Twin set A+D
Single A-String
Single G-String
Single D-String
Single C-String

Mix and match

The set VES400 is perfectly balanced. Mixing it with different single strings can change its original character, which can be used to optimize its performance depending on your and your instrument’s needs. For this, check out the Thomastik-Infeld modular string selection.

Within the Versum product line:
If a cello does not require extra crispy focus and soloistic attitude on the D-string, VE42 can be a good alternative in combination with the set VES400. Its string tension is the same as VES42’s and therefore fits the sets’ original tension concept.

With other Thomastik-Infeld products:
For even more focus and growl at the low end, Thomastik-Infeld’s tungsten-wound Spirocore C-string S33 is recommended. This combination adds brilliant and resonating colors to the G-string VES43 and more sparkle to the top strings.

Technical details

Versum Solo Violoncello 4/4
NO. Tension Core material Outer material TAILPIECE END KG LB PEG END
VES41 a la I medium Carbon Steel Multialloy
Brass Ball End
18.2 40.12
VES42 d re II medium Carbon Steel Multialloy
Copper Ball End
14.3 31.53
VES43 G Sol III medium Spiralcore Tungsten/Chrome
Nickel Crimp ball end
14.3 31.53
VES44 C Do IV medium Spiralcore Tungsten/Chrome
Brass Crimp ball end
13.7 30.2
SET NR. Included in set Tension KG LB
VES400 VES41, VES42, VES43, VES44 medium 60.5 133.3
VES4142 VES41, VES42 medium 32.5 71.6
VES4344 VES43, VES44 medium 28 61.73


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